Love, Victor

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Role: Victor Salazar
Episode Count: 10
Release Date: June 17, 2020 (Season 1); TBA (Season 2)


Set in the world of the 2018 groundbreaking film LOVE, SIMON which was inspired by Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city and exploring his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school. The film’s original writers Isaac Aptaker (This Is Us) and Elizabeth Berger (This Is Us) serve as executive producers alongside Brian Tanen (GRAND HOTEL), Jason Ensler (The Passage), Isaac Klausner (THE HATE U GIVE), Marty Bowen (FIRST MAN), Adam Fishbach (Narcos), Wyck Godfrey (I, Robot), Pouya Shahbazian (DIVERGENT) and Adam Londy. 20th Century Fox Television serves as the studio.

Love, Victor stars Michael Cimino (Anabelle Comes Home) as Victor alongside Ana Ortiz (Whiskey Cavalier, Ugly Betty) as Isabel, Victor’s smart and warm mother who loves her husband and her family, but is under a lot of pressure as they move their family across the country. The cast also includes James Martinez (One Day at a Time) as Armando, Victor’s regular blue collar “guy’s guy” father who loves his family deeply and works hard for his family. Isabella Ferreira (Orange is the New Black) plays Pilar, Victor’s sullen younger sister in the throes of teenage angst, while Mateo Fernandez will make his acting debut as Adrian, Victor’s adorable, good-natured little brother. Rachel Naomi Hilson (This Is Us) stars as Mia, Victor’s whip-smart friend with a quick wit and easy laugh, with Bebe Wood (The Real O’Neal’s, The New Normal) as her quirky and social media-obsessed best friend, Lake. George Sear (Will, Into the Badlands) portrays Benjie, Victor’s confident and charming classmate, with Anthony Turpel (The Bold and the Beautiful) as Felix, Victor’s lanky, awkward new neighbor, and Mason Gooding (Book Smart) as Andrew, Creek wood’s cocky and popular basketball-loving jock.

Season 1:

1×01. Welcome to Creekwood
Victor and his family move from Texas to Atlanta. Victor’s younger sister, Pilar, resents having to leave her old life and boyfriend behind. Victor quickly becomes friends with the unpopular Felix, who lives in the same building. At school, Victor meets the well-liked Mia and her best friend Lake and develops a crush on openly gay student Benji. Victor is invited to join the basketball team but clashes with another member of the team, Andrew, who ridicules Victor for being seemingly poor. Victor learns about Simon Spier’s coming out story at Creekwood and messages him via social media, who replies that he is there for Victor if he ever needs to talk. At the Winter Carnival, Victor sees both Mia and Benji but, wanting to fit in, decides to ask Mia to ride the Ferris Wheel with him.

1×02. Stoplight Party
Victor has been catapulted into popularity after going on the Ferris Wheel with Mia, who is starting to have feelings for him. Mia and Lake plan a “stoplight” party, where students wear colors according to their relationship status. Victor begins working at a local coffee shop where Benji also works, Brasstown, in order to make money to join the basketball team. At the party, Victor struggles to fit in. Felix pines for Lake, who instead likes Andrew. At home, Pilar breaks up with her boyfriend back in Texas, while Isabel and Armando face marital problems. Victor shares a tender moment with Mia and messages Simon that he might like her.

1×03. Battle of the Bands
Victor asks Mia out and plans to take her to a Battle of the Bands being hosted at Brasstown. Lake asks Andrew to go with her to the competition, who agrees in order to spend time with Mia. Benji and Victor bond while working together, and Victor learns that Benji will be performing at the Battle of the Bands. Worried that being around Benji will distract him from his date with Mia, Victor instead chooses to take her to an art exhibition, where they share their first kiss. Victor and Mia eventually end up catching the end of the Battle of the Bands, and Victor’s crush on Benji grows after watching him perform. However, it is revealed that Benji has a boyfriend, Derek. Lake discovers that Andrew is in love with Mia. Meanwhile, Pilar helps her mother Isabel by setting up a Facebook account for her, and is shocked when a man named Roger R. sends a friend request to the new profile and starts flirting with her.

1×04. The Truth Hursts
Pilar, suspicious that Isabel is having an affair, is heartbroken. She shares the news with Victor, who does not believe that their mother would cheat but is persuaded into setting up a meeting up with Roger from Facebook by pretending to be Isabel. Victor sees Roger in person and is shocked to discover that he is the former boss of their father, Armando. Victor and Mia bond over Mia’s sadness at the fact that her father is dating a new woman and moving on from her mother. At a basketball game, Victor confronts his parents about Isabel’s affair and learns that Armando is already aware of it. Pilar and Victor are shocked to learn their family moved to Atlanta to help their parents recover from the aftermath of the affair.

1×05. Sweet Sixteen
The Salazars have not been close since the confrontation the previous week, upsetting Victor. Simon warns Victor to make time for himself, while Victor shares he hopes to figure out his identity. Victor’s sixteenth birthday is coming up and a party is being thrown. All of Victor’s extended family and friends are coming, including Mia and Benji. Felix and Lake bond while running an errand for the party. At the party, Victor’s grandparents accidentally see Benji and Derek kissing, which angers them. Victor and Isabel stand up for Benji. Mia and Pilar bond over their respective family struggles. Victor and Mia kiss and declare they are an item. Armando warns Victor that Adrian might be gay and that he is not happy about it.

1×06. Creekwood Nights
Mia and Lake discuss Mia’s relationship with Victor. She wants the relationship to be more than it is and is interested in sex after the class takes sex-ed. Benji is coming up on his first anniversary with Derek, where the two bond about how they are romantics. Victor confides in Benji that he is a virgin and is hesitant to have sex with Mia. Benji shares that if he can do it, anyone can. Nervous, Victor brings Felix with him, much to Mia’s chagrin. Benji plans a nice evening for Derek, but he isn’t happy with it. Felix and Lake kiss for the first time. Lake suggests that Victor is gay, so he tries to force himself to have sex with Mia. Ultimately he cannot, and says he is old fashioned. She accepts this. Simon tells Victor he is not attracted to Mia and to end things before they get hurt.

1×07. What Happens in Willacoochee
Victor is viewing dating Mia as a chance to be normal. Mia asks him to attend a fundraiser with him and he accepts. Andrew pines over Mia at the fundraiser. Lake tells Felix that their hookup never happened, but Felix later realizes he wants to seriously date Lake. Benji and Victor are forced to take a road trip to repair the coffee machine of their work when it breaks. Felix bonds with Pilar, who gives him advice on Lake that later impresses her. When Victor learns that he could stay that night with Benji and sees this as a chance for him to figure out his sexuality, he tells Benji that they must stay in a motel overnight for the coffee machine to be fixed. At the motel, Benji reveals he came out because he almost died one-night drunk driving while trying to deny his sexuality. Benji tells Victor he is easy to talk to and is happy they are friends. Later that night, Victor kisses Benji who pushes him away as he is still with Derek. Horrified, Victor texts Simon who reassures him about who he is. Benji suggests they don’t talk about the kiss.

1×08. Boy’s Trip
Victor takes a trip to visit Simon in New York City, where he is shown around town by Simon’s group of accepting friends (Simon himself is in a party out of state). This annoys Mia as Victor is once again leaving, so she grows closer to Andrew and away from Victor. At detention, Andrew and Mia learn that Lake and Felix have been hooking up. Embarrassed, Lake upsets Felix by saying she wants to keep their relationship quiet. Mia tells Andrew she wishes he would be a nicer person, but she still cares for him. While at a drag party, Simon’s friends accidentally let slip to Victor that they are all aware of Victor’s situation at school and with Benji. Simon shows up and explains to an angry Victor that he needed his friend’s guidance to help Victor navigate his world. Victor reconciles with Simon and his friends, who help Victor realize that they are all here for each other and he has people who accept him.

1×09. Who the Hell is B
Victor comes out to Felix, the first person he’s told. Victor is distraught to learn that Benji, due to the kiss, will be working elsewhere. Simon advises Victor to write a letter to Benji and see if he will understand him better and his mistakes. Isabel and Armando continue to fight, which upsets Victor and Pilar. Felix continues his romance with Lake and learns that she has an overbearing mother. To make her feel better he tries to tell her that he also has a stressful at home life, but she still does not want to be seen with him due to her mother’s standards. Felix decides to break up with Lake. In Victor’s backpack, Pilar finds a note to B, unaware that it’s Victor’s note to Benji.

1×10. Spring Fling
Benji gets Victor’s note but tells Victor that he needs his space. Victor plans to take Mia to the Spring Fling and tell her the truth the day after. Felix and Lake go to the dance with separate partners, but end up reconciling and kissing in front of the whole school, their relationship now public. Felix accidentally tells Pilar that the note was about an incident on Victor’s work trip. When Pilar questions Benji about it, Derek overhears; Benji and Derek break up after. While talking to Victor, Benji confesses Derek didn’t make him feel good like Victor does and that he wants to be with someone who does, and they kiss confessing their feelings for each other, which Mia witnesses unbeknownst to the two. Victor, to protect his relationship with Benji, promises him he will come out to everyone eventually. When Mia confronts Victor about his kiss with Benji and questions whether he liked her, he asserts that parts of their relationship were real. Pilar confronts Victor about him cheating, but he insists that he still is the same person. Comforted, Pilar and Victor head home, where their parents announce that they will separate. Despite the news, Victor comes out to his parents.