VIDEO: Michael Cimino + George Sear Talk Sex, Venji Romance & ‘Love, Victor’s’ Love Triangle

Sunday, Jun 20, 2021

Check out this interview with Michael and George from June 14!

This season on Hulu’s #LoveVictor the series follows Victor as a newly out high schooler, from all sorts of Benji-Victor (#Venji, as they’ve been collectively coined) romantic side plots — meeting the parents, learning about gay sex — to how homophobia, when complicated by deep-rooted cultural and religious beliefs, has to be unlearned.

Here, #GeorgeSear and #MichaelCimino talk about whether they’re Team Venji or Vahim, opting out of an intimacy coach for Season 2, and more!

Interviewer: Chris Azzopardi
Editor: Logan Braun

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